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Scales for gas measurement/ ATEX Scales

ATEX scales (explosion-proof scales) are designed for installation in semi-automatic filling bottles with butane gas for domestic use.


A maximum gross weight of 27 species of gas cylinders could be stored in the scale.

Reaching the specified gross weight the filling mechanism shuts off. This ensures the accurate filling of the bottle without any danger of an overflow.

The scale can work in two modes - manual or programmed (controlled by a PC or cash register). The operation mode is selected by using a switch which could be blocked in order to avoid any abuses. 

Scales В50Ех and В100Ех correspond to the directive 94/9/EU for equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (explosion -   I 1 G [Ex ia] q ІІC T5 BDS EN 60079-0, BDS EN 50017:2002, BDS EN 60079-11 Prot . № 1549 ExT).

The scales correspond to the requirements of BDS EN 45501 for III accuracy.

Scales for gas measurement/ ATEX Scales have EC Type-Approval Certificate.

Parametres B50Ех B100Ех
Maximum load 50 kg 100 kg
Minimum load 400 g 1 kg
Range of the tare 50 kg 100 kg
Division’s value 20 g 50 g
Work temperature -10 С ÷ 40 С -10 С ÷ 40 С
Voltage 220 V 220 V
Frequency of the voltage 50 Нz 50 Нz
Platform size
-lenght 450 mm 450 mm
- Width 600 mm 600 mm