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About us

BIMCO ELECTRONIC SCALES FACTORY is established in 1990 by experienced professionals in the area of computing and measuring equipment.
BIMCO produces electronic scales with a range starting from milligrams to hundreds of tons. BIMCO resolves any engineering issues in the area of weight measurement.

BIMCO has a Certificate № 038-3392-Q/ 29.05.2020 г. for Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001:2008. With this certificate BIMCO Ltd. takes a serious commitment to its customers and partners proving high responsibility and competitiveness.

BIMCO ELECTRONIC SCALES FACTORY has a Manufacturing Quality System Approval № BG–Q–17–003 This allows the company to perform the testing and the marking (the initial verification) of it's manufactured non-automatic instruments.

BIMCO has several EC Type-Approvel Certificates.

We have some simple rules :

  • To create quality products that meet customer's requirements;
  • To maintain quality attendance;
  • To provide reliable warranty and after-warranty service.

This is the secret that ensures our long history.